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Private Office at 511 East John Carpenter Freeway, Suite 500

Private Office Space in Las Colinas, Texas

Rent furnished offices for individuals or suites for teams, all complete with meeting rooms and access to coworking amenities.

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Choose from a variety of office types

Find the perfect setup that fits your individual or team needs so you can get more work done.

We have staff on-site ready to greet your clients and help with any business needs that you have. First impressions are pivotal, and we are proud of our Las Colinas staff that go above and beyond for you and your clients.

General Manager

Carrington Parran

Community Coordinator

Jeffrey Uncad

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  • Office sample Office sample at Lucid Private Offices Las Colinas
  • Company Suite Company Suite at Lucid Private Offices Las Colinas
  • Board Room Board Room at Lucid Private Offices Las Colinas
  • Conference Room 4 Conference Room 4 at Lucid Private Offices Las Colinas
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  • Conference Room 1 Conference Room 1 at Lucid Private Offices Las Colinas
  • Coworking Coworking at Lucid Private Offices Las Colinas
  • Team Office Team Office at Lucid Private Offices Las Colinas
  • Coffee Lounge Coffee Lounge at Lucid Private Offices Las Colinas

Amenities that delight

Looking for something else?

Uniquely Lucid

Luxurious lounge at Lucid Private Offices

Your surroundings matter.

Whether you're a licensed professional, an entrepreneur, a team leader, a freelancer, or a remote worker, our offices will fit your needs. Ample natural light, outstanding design, comfortable furniture, and functional office solutions provide for a motivating and stimulating workspace where you will prefer to be during your workday. And our logo is absent from all of our interior spaces — this is your headquarters, not ours.

Private office space at Lucid Private Offices

Furnished, move-in ready private offices.

Forget about the “new office” shopping list — we've got you covered. Our move-in ready, wired, and furnished private offices give you 24/7 building access and a full floor of infrastructure and amenities. Get the support of a large office without the restrictive long-term lease.

Meeting room at Lucid Private Offices

Meeting rooms included.

Meet clients in your own private office space or book a professional meeting room at any of our locations. These beautiful meeting rooms support video conferencing and screen sharing, and we also have a projector on-site.

Two clients at Lucid Private Offices

No long-term contracts required.

We pride ourselves on flexibility and ease. Our standard 12-month agreements can amended to allow for anytime move-out with a 60-day notice, or the option to move out without advance notice at all. Talk to one of our consultants for details.

Frequently asked questions

When can I move in? We can get you up and running in 48 hours. Or if you're looking to get started in the near future, we can reserve your office for you up to 60 days in advance.
Can I upgrade to a bigger office as my company grows? Absolutely. Many people start out with a SoloSuite and upgrade to an ExecutiveSuite as they hire more employees. We're here to support you as you scale!
Is the price really all-inclusive? A big, resounding yes. Every amenity you see on this page is included in the price of your monthly rent. We hate nickel and diming as much as you do.
Can I use my own furniture? Sure, there are even some discounts available if you utilize your own furniture. We want you to feel comfortable and make your office a place you want to work in.
Can I use your other locations? Yes! In addition to your private office, you're welcome to use meeting rooms and common spaces across all our 20+ locations. So if you want to meet a client on the other side of town, you can!

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