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Work is good. Where you do it really matters.

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About Us

Lucid Private Offices is an upscale coworking company that caters to a professional crowd. We aim to strike the perfect balance between the industrial-coffee-shop vibe of casual coworking spots and the stuffy, dated feeling of mass-produced executive suites. We obsess over providing our clients with three things:

The most professional place to meet with clients, colleagues, investors, and other guests.

The most productive place to get the most work done.

A hassle-free and low commitment solution.

About Lucid Private Offices
About Us
About Us

Our Mission

We have been in business for over 20 years, and we're here to stay. Our carefully selected workspaces thrive with the help of our exceptional staff as well competitive pricing and value for our clients. And we want to grow further, as we crave sharing our mission to create a positive relationship with work.

At Lucid Private Offices, we believe...

We believe that work is good, and that where you do it really matters.

We believe that working your best is self-actualizing and that without work it is impossible to be fulfilled.

We believe that true commerce is always win/win and therefore it enhances human flourishing.

We believe that humans are collective, so doing your work well lifts the whole and makes the world a better place.

We believe that employees who are truly cared for will, in turn, truly care for everyone they encounter.

We believe that in both work and leisure, physical surroundings have a profound impact.

We believe that the office is vital for both individuals and organizations to thrive.

We believe that your office is a reflection of your business.

We believe that the office exists not only for meeting and collaboration, but also to inspire maximum individual productivity.

We believe that in order for an office to be worth the commute, it must be both stimulating and distraction-free.

We believe that in the perfect office design, there is no trade-off between beauty and productivity.

We believe the perfect office should be available to everyone who is ready to upgrade their workday.

Let's find your perfect office

Needs, wants, and workspace goals

We'll find a great fit both for you and your budget.

Flexible plans and simple pricing

Learn how this model saves money and time for you or your business.

FAQs and insights

See what others in your position have asked when researching office space.

How we stand out

We're proud of what we offer our members. An in-person tour is the best way to experience the difference!

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