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Coworking space at Lucid Private Offices

Coworking and Memberships

Upgrade your working experience with our office memberships that include private office use.

Office memberships designed for flexibility.

We designed a coworking environment focused on productivity. Our integrated approach gives our coworkers more access to private and quiet spaces to accomplish focused work. You won't find beer kegs, foosball tables, bean bags, loud music or people camped out in phone booths. Here, you can work around other professionals without feeling like you are in a fish bowl or fraternity house.

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Get unlimited coworking space access PLUS 1, 2, or unlimited days of private office use for ultimate work-anywhere flexibility.

Need a private office to call your own?

Get your own private, individual office that you can lock when you leave. Sizes from 1-20+ desks. 24/7 access. Private suites are the most popular way to work, find out why today.

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Hot desk room at Lucid Private Offices

Work from anywhere. No hassle.

With locations in DFW, Houston, and Atlanta, your list of workspace options just got a whole lot bigger.

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Meeting room at Lucid Private Offices

Meet where you want to, how you want to.

Meeting room access is included with every plan, along with a business mailing address, and a local telephone number. Get the benefits of a professional office suite with the flexibility and value of a coworking membership.

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