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Team Office at 77 Sugar Creek Center Blvd., Suite 600

Office Space for Teams in Sugar Land, Texas

Plans for hybrid, remote, and permanent teams, all complete with meeting rooms and access to coworking amenities.

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Does your whole team need space that can be locked?

Dedicated Team Suite

One large team office at Lucid Private Offices
One large room
Individual office at Lucid Private Offices
Multiple individual offices
What's included:
  • Choose between one large room, multiple individual offices, or a combination of both.
  • All options are fully inclusive with furniture, phones, co-working area use, conference room use, and access to the coffee lounge.
  • Doors can lock, and keys will be given to you. Your belongings/equipment can stay in your office when you leave.
$400-$600/workstation/month View locations Call now

Do you have a remote team that needs occasional time in the office?

Offices on Demand

Individual offices at Lucid Private Offices

Enjoy access to any open private office at any Lucid Private Offices location for a low monthly rate.

  • Office days can be used by anyone on your team.
  • Conference room access included at a 25% discount.
  • Belongings/equipment cannot be left overnight, as an office you use may be utilized by another person the following day. Specific offices available may change from day to day.
Pricing Details
  • $600: 10 private office days per month
  • $1,000: 20 private office days per month
  • $1,200: 30 private office days per month
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Do you have remote workers as well as a need for a permanent headquarters?

Dedicated + On Demand

Team office at Lucid Private Offices

The best combination of a Dedicated Team Suite and Offices On Demand.

  • Headquarters for permanent staff (including flexible access to additional open private offices when more workstations are needed).
  • A solution custom-tailored to your company where you won't pay for space you aren't using, yet you'll never find yourself without space that you need on a given day.
Additional Benefits
  • Upsize/downsize on a monthly basis as your company grows or downsizes.
  • Work from any of our other locations other than your company's home location.
  • Access to meeting rooms and board rooms.
  • Fully inclusive.
  • 24/7 access available.
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We have staff on-site ready to greet your clients and help with any business needs that you have. First impressions are pivotal, and we are proud of our Sugar Land staff that go above and beyond for you and your clients.

Community Manager

Jessica Mogford

  • The Taylor Boardroom The Taylor Boardroom at Lucid Private Offices Sugar Land
  • Boardroom 2 Boardroom 2 at Lucid Private Offices Sugar Land
  • Office 34 Office 34 at Lucid Private Offices Sugar Land
  • Office 9 Office 9 at Lucid Private Offices Sugar Land
  • Lobby Lobby at Lucid Private Offices Sugar Land
  • Reception Reception at Lucid Private Offices Sugar Land
  • Coffee Lounge Coffee Lounge at Lucid Private Offices Sugar Land
  • Team Office Team Office at Lucid Private Offices Sugar Land
  • Swiss Army Room Swiss Army Room at Lucid Private Offices Sugar Land
  • Professional Office Professional Office at Lucid Private Offices Sugar Land
  • Office 35 Office 35 at Lucid Private Offices Sugar Land
  • Office 45 Office 45 at Lucid Private Offices Sugar Land

Amenities that delight

Looking for something else?

Uniquely Lucid

Luxurious lounge at Lucid Private Offices

Your surroundings matter.

Whether you're a licensed professional, an entrepreneur, a team leader, a freelancer, or a remote worker, our offices will fit your needs. Ample natural light, outstanding design, comfortable furniture, and functional office solutions provide for a motivating and stimulating workspace where you will prefer to be during your workday. And our logo is absent from all of our interior spaces — this is your headquarters, not ours.

Private office space at Lucid Private Offices

Furnished, move-in ready private offices.

Forget about the “new office” shopping list — we've got you covered. Our move-in ready, wired, and furnished private offices give you 24/7 building access and a full floor of infrastructure and amenities. Get the support of a large office without the restrictive long-term lease.

Meeting room at Lucid Private Offices

Meeting rooms included.

Meet clients in your own private office space or book a professional meeting room at any of our locations. These beautiful meeting rooms support video conferencing and screen sharing, and we also have a projector on-site.

Two clients at Lucid Private Offices

No long-term contracts required.

We pride ourselves on flexibility and ease. Pay month to month and upgrade your office whenever you're ready to scale. Planning to settle in? Lock in your rate for 6, 12, or even 18 months.

Frequently asked questions

How does Offices on Demand differ from an office membership? Offices on Demand ties private office days to the company as opposed to an individual. This means that anyone from your company can be authorized to use a private office from your pool of remaining days.
For the Dedicated + On Demand option, do our hybrid workers need to work from the same location as the permanent office? Nope! Workers that use a private office from your company's pool of remaining days can work at any Lucid Private Offices location.
For the Offices on Demand option, can unused days be carried over into the next month? This membership does not allow for unused days cannot be carried over into the next month. However, any excess days can be utilized by anyone at your company, even if someone else is already using an office on the same day. For example, two employees using an office on the same day would count for two days on the membership. Many companies utilize this for team work days with a mix of brainstorming and focus work.
For Offices on Demand and Dedicate + On Demand, package, can two people use separate private offices on the same day? Yes! This is a company membership as opposed to an individual office membership. This means that the pool of available days is up to the discretion of the company to dole out. If three people want to work in three separate offices, that will subtract three days from the company's remaining total. There is no need for an additional membership for additional employees.

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