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Upscale workspaces in Allen to inspire your team

Discover your team's new headquarters in one of our Team Office solutions. Immerse your employees in a stunning environment designed to inspire creativity and productivity, backed by lightning-fast and reliable Internet and IT services for seamless collaboration. While the office floor houses other teams and individuals, rest secure that your data and your equipment are safe.

Our dedicated concierge team goes beyond providing space - we tailor a workspace around your unique needs, ensuring that your team thrives. Call us to tour a place where your employees will want to come to the office.

Customize your team's ideal workspace

How does your team thrive? Do they work collaboratively in large bullpen or call-center space? Or would each member prefer to have their own office? Would it be beneficial for them to have a mix of both? And how about hybrid employees that come into the office sparingly? Lucid Private Offices offers the option to select exactly the pieces you need to complete the ideal work environment for your team to be not just successful, but also excited to be at work.

Choose one or multiple of these all-inclusive options:

Large Interior Team Suite with attached offices at Alpharetta

Large Interior Team Suite with attached offices at Alpharetta

Medium-Large Team Suites

A single space for the entire team

$350 - $600 / month per employee

Teams that thrive on active energy and constant collaboration benefit from our 10+ seat offices. Select your preferred furniture from our catalogue and make the space your own. Many of our large areas also include attached individual suites — perfect for supervisors, directors, or colleagues that need to make a private call.

3-Seat Window Office, Team Furniture, Las Colinas

3-Seat Window Office, Team Furniture, Las Colinas

Small Team Offices

2-9 desks per office

$350 - $600 / month per employee

A great selection for departments with close-knit teams. We offer an assortment of offices from 2-seats through 9-seats in a variety of configurations that can be customized to fit your team's needs. An added benefit — the furniture is included, and you can customize what types of desks you'd like to mix and match in a given office.

3-Seat Window office at Las Colinas

3-Seat Window office at Las Colinas

Multiple Individual Offices

A private office for each person

$600 - $1,500 / month per employee

The ultimate in focused, private work. From small individual suites to large corner window offices, we have options for a variety of employees and budgets, and they're all fully-furnished. Step out of your office to take advantage of the activating energy of your team in your bullpen or in the hot desk area on your floor, but return when you need to get your head down and focus.

Amenities Included at Every Location

Enjoy the same amenities at all of our locations. We've already taken care of the details so you can focus on your business.

Enterprise-grade internet, IT support, and free printing

Reliable, blazing fast Internet access (both wired and wireless), on-hand technology support, and free printing are just a few of the hurdles that we've already cleared for you.

Options for professionally designed layouts

Talk with one of our consultants to find the perfect furniture layout that will optimize your team’s productivity and morale.

On-site receptionist to greet clients, answer phones and receive shipments

Impress your clients and guests with a warm, professional welcome, and let our team handle your calls and deliveries.

24/7 access to your office

Securely lock your equipment and belongings in your team’s office with peace of mind. Accidentally leave something at work? 24/7 access ensures you can access your space, even on weekends.

Multiple meeting room options included

Utilize the perfect space for your needs, from sensitive conversations to grand presentations. Our meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technology to keep your meetings productive and efficient. In addition, Lucid Private Offices is part of a network of workspaces, and you can enjoy reciprocal use of your meeting room in thousands of meeting rooms in hundreds of places. Talk to one of our consultants for details.

Unlimited coffee, water, and select espresso

Ensure your team is always energized with complimentary filtered water, hot coffee, and delicious espresso beverages.

Where you work matters

Locations Nearby

Hybrid Worker Plans

Offices on Demand

Some teams have their employees scattered across multiple areas even within the same metroplex. Our Offices on Demand add-on allows for each employee to have a beautiful, fully-functional space to work without the wasted time of rush hour. With this plan, enjoy the use of private office space at any of our locations.

What's included?

Allotted office days to be used at you or your team's discretion

Your company's office days can be used by anyone on your team

Conference room access included at a 25% discount

Pricing details

10 private office days per month
20 private office days per month
30 private office days per month

Choose your furniture

Not only is upscale furniture included in your Lucid Private Offices workspace, but you get choices. While specific items and availability will vary by location, we're sure to have an option that will fit your preference.

L-shape? No problem. Sit-stand desk? Just ask. Filing cabinets? Of course, but which one would you like? Simply talk with one of our consultants and we'll get you what you need in your office.

L-shape desk, Executive Furniture, Southlake Town Square

L-shape desk, Executive Furniture, Southlake Town Square

Executive Furniture Package

A thoughtful setup for professionals who work in their office alone.

  • Choice of desk
  • Choice of office chair
  • Choice of file cabinet
  • Additional chairs for guest seating (depending on office size)

Team Furniture Package

A smart setup for multiple professionals working in the same office.

For each employee:

  • One sit-stand desk
  • One office chair
  • One file cabinet
  • Larger offices may include additional seating or tables

Designer Furniture & Decor Package

Additional $75/month

Impressive designs for professionals looking for an added touch.

  • Choice of desk
  • Upgraded chair
  • Choice of file cabinet
  • Wall art
  • Plant decor
  • Bookshelf
  • Other touches

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